Real Experiences

"Apeele significantly lightened my hyperpigmented areas that was resistent to other treatments. Overall, I would rate apeele a 9+." - S. Alexandros, M.D., Palm Desert, CA

"Apeele truly worked great for me and I loved it. My skin has a glow it didn't have before. I love the look of my skin and the apeele experience." -J. Allen, Rock Island, IL"

"Beautiful results with little to no down-time. Texture and luminosity is better, noticeable decrease in fine lines and softening of hyperpigmentation. Have been getting lots of compliments." - N. Winner, M.D., Beverly Hills, CA

"Apeele has been the best peel ever on my arms. My skin was looking spotty and wrinkled and apeele gave me a fresh, more even look within two weeks. I love this peel." - D. Tabor, R.N., Los Angeles, CA

"Apeele is my favorite! It provides a consistent, even peel with great results. Our patients have been very happy and it has met their expectations." - L. Benest, M.D., Los Angeles, CA

"The apeele experience: It was virtually painless and the results are amazing. My skin looks great!" - R. Moore, Beverly Hills, CA