Chemical Resurfacing System

REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA - August 31, 2010 - Ascend Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces the launch of APEELE(TM), a next-generation revitalizing peel designed to provide controlled exfoliation of damaged skin, with significant visible results after just one treatment. Clinical results demonstrate that chemical resurfacing with APEELE(TM) can significantly improve the appearance of skin.

What are the advantages of APEELE(TM) vs. currently available chemical peels?

  • Indicated for photodamage, hyperpigmentation and acne in all skin types

  • Ideal for skin rejuvenation of face, hands and neck

  • Balanced combination of ingredients provides uniform, consistent and predictable results

  • Allows depth control and customization for each individual patient

  • Hydroquinone addresses pigmentary disorders and suppresses PIH

  • Built-in topical anesthetics designed to provide a comfortable and pain-free procedure

  • Most cost-effective chemical resurfacing system on the market

Clinical Reponse and Testimonials

"Having used many different types and brands of peels, APEELE(TM) is now my favorite. It provides a consistent, even peel with great results. Our patients have been very happy and it has met their expectations." - Lisa Benest, M.D., Dermatologist, Los Angeles, CA

"APEELE(TM) has been the best peel ever on my arms. My skin was looking spotty and wrinkled and APEELE gave me a fresh, more even look within 2 weeks. I love this peel." - D. Tabor, R.N.

"APEELE(TM) significantly lightened my hyperpigmented areas that were resistant to other treatments. I would rate APEELE a 9+." - S. Alexandros, M.D., Palm Desert, CA

Additional information on APEELE(TM)

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About Ascend Pharmaceuticals

Since 2004, Ascend Pharmaceuticals has been committed to providing the highest quality pharmaceutical products to physicians and patients. Intensive laboratory research and development coupled with physician partnerships led to the development of APEELE(TM).

APEELE(TM) is a trademark of Ascend Pharmaceuticals, Inc.